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Timber Gates from Standish Sawmills

Top Quality Hand Assembled and Pressure Treated Wooden Gates

All timber gates from Standish Sawmills are custom made and hand assembled and therefore can be made to suit any existing entrance. All our gates are manufactured in our sawmills at Leap, Roscrea in Co. Offaly. Our gates are made from the finest close-grained timber, fully planed and sanded and are pressure treated to ensure a long service life.

We also offer FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE on all our gates.

ALL OUR GATE PRICES ARE VERY COMPETITIVE, without sacrificing our renowned quality. All our gates are now assembled using stainless steel bolts to guarantee a longer life and come in a tanalised (pressure treated) green finish. They can be stained or painted to customers own requirement. We would recommend Bondex outdoor woodstain, or similar oil based product, to better the gates and extend their service life, which we stock. We also stock the largest selection of galvanised gate hinges and fittings in Ireland, with hinges and latches available for any possible application.

Field Timber GatesField Gates

A selection of timber gates, the design of which has been inspired by various traditional paddock and stud gates. Nowadays these gates are just as popular in an urban environment as they are with farmers and stud owners.

Brownhills Timber GatesHalf Yeoman Style Gates

A very distinctive and traditional type of field gate that offers a low cost solution for entrance gates, whether in a rural or suburban setting.

Brownhills Timber GatesDomestic Gates

Domestic Timber Gates are designed for driveways and domestic houses and will enhance the appearance of any home.

Timber Garden GatesGarden Gates

A selection of timber gates for the garden and for any pedestrian entrance

Courtyard and Exterior Timber DoorsCourtyard and Exterior Doors

Hinges and Posts