Post & Rail Fencing


Pressure Treated Timber

Standish Sawmills offer a complete range of Post and Rail Fencing for a wide variety of uses around the farm, garden or paddock. We manufacture our post and rail fencing from sawn native Irish softwoods which are pressure treated with Osmose NatureWood™ which is a chromium-free wood preservative and is completely safe and non-hazardous.

Post and Rail Timber Fencing has become very popular for fencing one-off rural houses, as it is very reasonably priced, extremely fast to erect, look and ages well and is secure against stock. It also allows for hedging to grow and mature, e.g. beech, laurel or native hedging.

Our post and rail timber fencing is available as 3 or 4 rail in the following sizes


The only nail suitable for assembling our Post and Rail Timber Fencing are 4″ galvanised round wire nails. These are available from Standish Sawmills at competitive prices.

Standish Sawmills have a list of fencing contractors whom we can recommend, and who will quote competitive rates.

Rail Sizes Post Sizes
Length Timber Size Length Timber Size
16′ 4 x 2″ 6′5 x 3 “
16′ 6 x 3 “8′5 x 3 “
16′ 6 x 3 “ 8′6 x 3 “
Posts are available pointed or weathered
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