Timber Field Gates

Quality Timber Gates inspired by different traditional designs

Standish Sawmills features an extensive range of traditional timber field gates, all inspired by traditional gate designs dating back hundreds of years. Our designs include Yeoman and Half-Yeoman designs, variations on the traditional 6-bar stud gate and our unique Kilcolman Gate, a replica of a very old design which was had made for hundreds of years locally in the midlands of Ireland.

As with all our Timber Gates, each of our Field Gates are manufactured from the finest close-grained timber and are planed and sanded before being pressure-treated to ensure a long life in the field. All gates can be made to measure, to suit your existing entrance and we supply various hinges to suit stone, brick, block or wood piers. Combine all this with FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE on all gates, and you won't beat our offerings!

Today, field gates are just are popular in the urban environment as they are on the farm. Contact us today for a very competitive quotation for your specific needs.

Field Gates


Traditional Field gate is our most popular selling gate, and in spite of its name, is just as popular in urban settings as it is in the field!
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Standard sizes 3 - 12ft or any custom width in this range

Single 12 Ft. Field Gate


Traditional field gate that has its origins in England, having been made for hundreds of years. Very suitable combined with post & rail fencing on driveways or avenues. Can also be used as a double gate (above) for larger openings.

Standard sizes 3 - 12ft or any custom width in this range

6-Bar Stud Gate


Traditional Stud Farm Gate, which can be used single or as a pair to close a larger opening. 5 ft high making it particularly suitable for equestrian use.

Standard sizes 3 - 12ft or any custom width in this range

Pair of Animal Field Gates


Extra security for animals, and shown with with a pair of V-pointed timber piers. Its anti-climb features make it suitable for use with children.

Standard sizes 3 - 12ft or any custom width in this range

Camcor Gate


Usually used in paddocks and stud farms as it is 5 ft in height. A very strong gate, this example has been painted by customer.

Standard sizes from 8ft to 12ft or any custom width in this range

Kilcolman Gate


A unique gate to Standish Sawmills, traditionally handcrafted by carpenters for hundreds of years in the midlands of Ireland. Now at a new lower price.

Standard sizes 5ft, 6ft, 7ft & 8ft or any custom width in this range